Who do we support ?

In addition to the organisation shown below who operate on a world stage St Swithin's Church Barston has long standing links with the churches of Aston Parish  - St Matthew † St James        St Peter and Paul.  We have regular collections for their 'Food Bank' and members of the churchs make reciprocal visits during the year.


Mission Aviation Fellowship is a life saving organisation working around the world flying doctors and urgently needed supplies to remote locations inaccessible by road.  It has a fleet of over 128 aircraft specially equipped to deal with emergency situations and bring relief to those in desperate need.  In addition to taking physical relief it also take Christ love.

Click the logo to discover more about MAF


Bible Society and you........
If you've never read the Bible before, we'd love to help you get started. You can read it for yourself on this site, or you might want to explore some of our work.  Click on the Logo for more information about their work.


You can get involved right where you are, pray for God's people in mission, hear their stories, help us raise funds – and help the world to know Jesus.  It really does what it says on the tin  ......  Changes lives.    Click on the Logo to see for yourself.   


We expected to have an impact on the global   church,  but what's remarkable is the impact it's had in our local community !  Tearfund is having the same effect all around the world where it works.  Click on the Logo to find out more.


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